BLM, St George and Hurricane Utah

Special Note:
Although our plan is to head north and east towards Colorado we have been seeing overnight temps in the low 20's up north at the elevations in Colorado. 
Even though the RV is heated and so are all the tanks we have slowed down just a bit while we wait for over night temps to warm.

Campgrounds and RV parks are great with all their amenities, however we also like to take advantage of the more natural setting of free BLM camping when it is available.

We stayed one night in the St George Gorge which is in Nevada just outside of St George Utah

Although like most BLM areas it has no electric or water with our fresh water, black and grey water tanks we are capable of going 4 days and nights self without such services. We also have a built in generator so we can be out in the middle of nowhere and have electric for the DVD player, TV, laptops and cell phones.

Of course, out here on the open range you have to watch your step around the neighbors

They don't look too friendl…

Valley of Fire

About an hour northeast of Las Vegas is the Valley of Fire State Park. 
We spent a day hiking and rock climbing here when Debbie's sister Denise was visiting.

We liked it so much we decided to come back and spend several nights here when we left Vegas.
Campsites are on a first come first served basis and there are no reservations.
We had to spend one night boondocking in the desert outside the park on BLM land
because we could not get a site the first day we tried.

But once we got in we were hooked and stayed 5 nights camping amongst the red rocks.

This is a Nevada State Park and it is vast with miles and mile of hiking trails and unlimited rock climbing opportunities

While you are out hiking here are areas with ancient petroglyphs

Vegas Baby!!!

Those of you who know us know that Debbie and I are not gamblers at all so Vegas may seem like an odd destination for us.
What Vegas does have is a large airport for Debbie's sister Denise to fly into to
to meet up with us for a visit.

So we picked Denise up on Sunday and she stay with us at the RV that night,
After a late breakfast on Monday I dropped the girls off at one of the nice hotels on the strip for 2 nights of sister time.

Pictures from the stripnear their hotel 

The view from their room

I was left to fend for myself back at the RV surrounded by casinos and their evil casino buffets.

Of course in order to get to the buffet you must first make run the gauntlet while making your way through the casino without loosing your dinner money.
The buffet is always at the back of the casino.
I am happy to report that the only thing I lost at the casinos is my will power in the buffet line.

On Wednesday I picked up the girls down on the strip, they were a little tired but after…

Lake Havasu City AZ

After wrapping up our month in California we headed north towards Las Vegas.
Along our journey to Sin City we spent two nights boon docked
in the desert outside of Lake Havasu City

While I made dinner Deb got to do some rock climbing above camp

After all that shewent through the last couple of years she is unstoppable now.

Lake Havasu lies on the Colorado River along the California - Arizona border.

The London Bridge is the centerpiece of Lake Havasu City and it crosses a narrow channel that leads from Lake Havasu (a segment of the Colorado River) to Thompson Bay (also on the river). 

Hoping to attract tourists and prospective buyers of residential lots, developer Robert P. McCulloch (of McCulloch chain saw fame) bought the bridge for $2.5 million dollars from the City of London when the bridge was replaced in 1968. The bridge was disassembled on contract with